Toned up in a Month?

What a funny word…toned?  It’s one I’ve never been called, yet notice others that are almost daily.  We all have magazines at home that have new, fantastic ways to lose a few pounds and get fit.  Mine sit in the bathroom (hold the laughter).  A few times each day, I flip through them thinking I’ll get motivated  enough to try them out.  One article that has peaked my interest is in from a February issue of All You Magazine.  I love this magazine published by Walmart.  Fantastic deals, coupons, affordable fashion for the average woman, and diet/excercise tips.  The article in question (or intrigue) is Tone Up in 10 Minutes.  Really?  What?  It is an instruction guide on 3 sets of 10-minute workouts that you dedicate to completing 6 days a week.  You only have to complete one set a day.  10 minutes a day?  That’s doable, right?  The 3 sets include focusing on lower body, upper body and mid section.  You must hit all three sections at least once in the 6 days.  In a month, it promises your body will be toned.  I’ve decided that today is the day to start.  I’ll let you know in a month how things look! 

The point of today is…start something new that will benefit your body, health, and well-being!  Carpe diem…seize the day!

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Find a Way to Make Money From Home

We have all seen these articles in countless magazines.  I happen to pick one up at the OB/GYN’s office today and found a list of 10 ways to make a buck from home.  One really caught my attention:  It’s simply really, you list something you are willing to do for $5.  You keep $4, and fiverr keeps $1 for each ‘gig’ you ‘sell’.  The example listed in the magazine article was one of a women who lived on or near a white sandy beach.  She wrote peoples names in the picturesque sand and sent a photo of it to the buyer.  The lady said she makes about $300 a month doing this, and can handle around 12 requests per hour.  I couldn’t believe it…easy money just a few clicks away?  I had to check it out. 

The site looks legit, and I felt the urge to list a set of directions for making baby leg warmers that I had written years ago.  I couldn’t help but spend an hour or two pouring over all the other things people are willing to do for $5.  There was:

I will take a picture of me holding up a sign of your choice for $5

I will photoshop you beside a famous landmark or your celebrity idol for $5

I will sing “Happy Birthday” to anyone in a convincing Arnold schwarzenegger voice. for $5

I will create a lesson plan and interesting educational activities for any topic at all for $5

There were some very business-like ones as well: such as designing product logos, writing songs, marketing plans and travel trips. 

We’ll see how I make out on selling sewing directions…but at least the site is worth a few laughs for 5 bucks!

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Volunteer to Teach Religious Education to Children

I started volunteering to teach a religion education program last year as my daughter was old enough to be enrolled.  My daughter was also starting 1st grade at the time and was nervous about being dropped off to yet another place while mommy seemed to disappear until pickup time.  I told her I would volunteer, secretly hoping for office duty but it turns out, there was a need for additional teachers.  How fortunate 😉 it was that there was a need for a 1st grade teacher for the day/time I signed my daughter up for.  I had never taught before and had anxiety about shepherding these 6 six-olds into leaning more about their faith.  My husband assured me it would be easy…1st graders just color and learn that there is a God and that God loves them unconditionally, right?  It turns out there is a lot more to it than that. It turned out to be a challenging task, but at the end of the year I saw how completely rewarding it was to be called to this ministry.  On the last day, some of the children prepared lovely notes and colorings to thank me for being such a wonderful teacher.  The thought was probably spurred on to them by their parents, but I didn’t care…I was appreciated!  The true compliment was when parents asked if I would be teaching 2nd grade for the next year so that little Johnny could be a student of mine again because he enjoyed it so much. 

Here I am in year 2 of teaching Religious Education.  I am following my daughter through the program and am teaching her second grade class.  The orientation was so much easier for me this year.  I knew how the lesson plans worked, who to ask any questions, and I recognized so many teachers from last year.  As hard as it was to initially volunteer, I am glad I took on the challenge.  If I didn’t teach, who would have?  If I didn’t try to make an impact in these kids lives, who would have?  Take the first step and VOLUNTEER for your children and make a difference in their lives!

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Who is Mrs. Homebody?

Who am I?  I am Mrs. Homebody, who doesn’t want to be a homebody anymore!

Simply, I am a “30 Something” year-old with a husband and two children living in the suburbs somewhere in the United States.  I pride myself on being the person you would call if you were looking for a great deal on an electronic device, advising you on booking your next vacation, and letting you know about an amazing sale where I bought a $70 purse for $5.99 plus tax.  I’m not an expert in one thing, but I am super well-rounded in a lot of things that I want to pass on to you. 

My husband would probably describe me as a homebody who is always searching for a hobby but never finds one to keep longer than a week.  I’m afraid he’s right on the money.  In my journey to find fun things to do, meet new people and try to find myself, I’ve learned a lot of things that I think you will find interesting.  Welcome for the journey!

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Hello world!

Hello my homebody friends.   Don’t know what a “homebody” is?  Let’s define it!

“homebody”: home·bod·y/ˈhōmˌbädē

Noun: A person who likes to stay at home, esp. one who is perceived as unadventurous.

This blog is for all those Mrs. Homebody’s out there who don’t want to be a homebody anymore. Mrs. Homebody’s blog is dedicated to inspire your creativity, improve your skills, help you to be more resourceful and get the most out of your life.  Let the adventure begin!

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